Turai Tavern

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  • Name: Turai Tavern
  • Zone: Divinity's Reach
  • Type: Tavern
  • Nearest Waypoint: Ossan Waypoint — [&BC0DAAA=]
  • Nearest POI: Minister Zamon's Mansion — [&BAcBAAA=]

One of the four taverns in Divinity's Reach, located in Ossan district. It has had plenty of different names, but most of goes with either Turai or Ossan Tavern.

The tavern consists of four floors. The main floor is a bar and restaurant. The basement is used for storage of ale, and has a good amount of open space. The second floor has several inn rooms and a scenic balcony. The third floor is more bare and seems to be a living space for staff.

  • It should be noted that there is a Guild Trek point in the basement, so it is occasionally briefly occupied by non-RPers.