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Creating a New Page

1.- In the search bar type in the name of the page you want to create
2.- The search results will come up, if the name you typed doesn't already exist an option will be on there saying "Create the page "What You Searched" on this wiki!"
3.- You will be able to click that link and it will take you to an editing page, Once done putting in your content hit the "Save Page" button.


Additionally subpages can be made using a "/" character. For example a subpage to this page could be created at "Tips and Tricks/Subpage" to go to Tips and Tricks/Subpage


Categorization is important to the mission of this wiki project to allow for proper ability to search for characters and roleplayers of certain types, such as if you want to find a Priory character, you can check the Category containing Priory characters. Here is information on categorization:

1.- Please make sure to categorize your pages properly. You do this by adding the following at the top of your page in the case of it being a page for a character: [[Category:Characters]] -- Replace "Characters" with whatever category you want the page to be in.

The base level categories are as follows:

  • Players (For information about the players behind the characters)
  • Characters (For pages about specific characters)
  • Guilds (For pages for guilds)
  • Groups (For other RP groups that aren't guilds, such as sub-guilds, PvP teams, In-Chracter groups, etc)
  • Locations (For locations of interest to RPers, such as taverns, etc)
  • Flavor (For flavor items you've created such as inventions by characters, etcetera)

Feel free to make your own categories as well such as "Asura Characters", "Priory Characters" etcetera, just try not to conflict with existing ones (such as making "characters that are asura" when "asura characters" already exists.)

To link to a category you just add a colon in front of the word Category in the link, without the colon it will just categorize the page. As follows: [[:Category:Characters]]


Some templates are available for the ease of creation of pages that fill out certain parts of profiles for you. Here are some.



{{BaseCharacterInfo|[[Player.1234]]|John Smith|Male|Human|Warrior|Berserker}}

Shows up as:

  • Player: Player.1234
  • IC Name: John Smith
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Warrior
  • Specialization: Berserker



{{BaseGuildInfo|[[Player.1234]]|RP, PvX|At Launch|}}

Shows up as:

Linking to Official GW2 Wiki

An interwiki has been installed allowing for the ability to link to the Official GW2 wiki. To do this make a link with the namespace "Gw2", here is an example as to how to link to Mordremoth's page on Offical GW2 Wiki:


Will show up as: gw2:Mordremoth

Since having the "gw2" prefix may make your pages look odd, here is how to get around that (this can also be used on any link) If you make a link to a page and then use the "|" character the part in front of that character is where the link goes, the part after is what the link shows as. So for example:


Will show up as: Mordremoth

Additonally a template has been created that simplifies the above in the event that the page name on the GW2 Wiki is the same as how you want it to show up such as in the above example. In those cases you can type:


Will show up as: Mordremoth

Note that the template will not work if you want the text to show up different than the actual page name on the GW2 Wiki, such as if you want a link that says "Mordy" to go to gw2:Mordremoth you will need to type out


Will show up as: Mordy

Interacting with Talk Pages

Every Wiki page has a Discussion (aka Talk) page. These can be accessed by clicking on the "Discussion" tab up at the top left (just to the right of the logo). Once on there (even if it tells you it doesn't exist and to create it) you can click on the "Add Topic" tab over near the search bar to bring up a page special for adding to Talk pages.

There you can put in a subject for your message in the subject field and then the message itself in the body.

After your message make sure you add your signature. This is done by typing "~~~~" on a new line which will automatically expand to show your name and timestamp of when you left the message. For example:

Kezika (talk) 11:33, 2 April 2018 (EDT)

Here is a talk page you can leave a test message on if desired: Talk:Tips_and_Tricks/Sandbox

Syntax Help Tools


LibreOffice comes with a built in MediaWiki format exporter, in LibreOffice Writer, use File -> Export and then for "Save as Type" select "MediaWiki (.txt) (*.txt)" and it will save the file in a format compatible for MediaWiki page creation.

There is also the Send To MediaWiki feature, although I was unable to get it working correctly, but that is located at File -> Send -> To MediaWiki...


This website will allow you to visually create tables and then create the MediaWiki compatible markup for you.


MediaWiki also allows raw HTML (version 4) input. If you aren't familiar with MediaWiki markup, but do know HTML, that will work too for most things. For CSS it has to be inline however, the <style> tag does not work, you must use the style= attribute inside of specific tags. Additionally Javascript will not work, just the raw HTML.

Notes on MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a software created by WikiMedia Foundation for their website Wikipedia. It is also used by the official GW2 Wiki. If you are familiar with working on those, the syntax is the same. Templates may not carry over between (as those are created by users of specific wikis), but the base formatting is still the same system. For how to do stuff like bolding, tables, etc.

MediaWiki is also a very robust system and editing capabilities go quite deep. For the full MediaWiki Handbook you can check that out here: mediawikiwiki:Help:Contents